Relaxing Dragon Quest Music Compilation – Symphonic Suites

Relaxing Dragon Quest Music Compilation – Symphonic Suites


0:00 – Dragon Quest VIII: Remembrances
5:54 – Dragon Quest VII: Strolling in the Town
7:24 – Dragon Quest III: Distant Memories
10:16 – Dragon Quest V: The Ocean
14:22 – Dragon Quest VIII: Mysterious Tower
18:50 – Dragon Quest VI: Inviting Village~Folk Dance~In the Town
22:56 – Dragon Quest II: Endless World
28:56 – Dragon Quest IX: The Observatory
33:58 – Dragon Quest VI: Ocean Waves
39:04 – Dragon Quest V: Sad Village~Mysterious Disappearances~Disturbed Village
42:29 – Dragon Quest VII: Days of Sadness
46:50 – Dragon Quest V: Heaven
49:48 – Dragon Quest III: Requiem~Small Shrine
52:59 – Dragon Quest IX: Hills and Meadows
58:45 – Dragon Quest VIII: Travelling with Wagon
1:00:40 – Dragon Quest VI: Melancholy
1:03:55 – Dragon Quest III: Heavenly Flight
1:06:39 – Dragon Quest VIII: Strange World~Marching Through the Fields
1:11:03 – Dragon Quest VII: Memories of a Lost World
1:13:05 – Dragon Quest VIII: Peaceful Town~Quiet Village
1:16:48 – Dragon Quest V – Make Me Feel Sad
1:19:17 – Dragon Quest VIII – Over the Sorrow
1:21:41 – Dragon Quest VII – Over the Horizon
1:23:10 – Dragon Quest VI – Ocean Waves [Sorry, I put it in twice by accident]
1:28:15 – Dragon Quest II – Requiem

This is a reupload, closed the previous channel – sorry for those who had this in a playlist. In the previous upload, a very helpful user called Salbei17 tried to find out where all the pictures I put in this video came from. I’ve attached their comment below:

“Sooo… since I really liked all the pictures used in this playlist and wanted to find out which places they show, I kind of… played Sherlock Holmes and investigated… yeah. Thought I’d share what I found out since it was a lot of work and I think some people might appreciate it.

(Dragon Quest VIII) Remembrances: Gallico Castle, Italy
(Dragon Quest VII) Strolling in the Town: Zell (Mosel), Germany
(Dragon Quest III) Distant Memories: Lake Wanaka, New Zealand
(Dragon Quest V) The Ocean: Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
(Dragon Quest VIII) Mysterious Tower: Barnard Castle, England
(Dragon Quest VI) Inviting Village~Folk Dance~In the Town: Kaysersberg, France
(Dragon Quest II) Endless World: Probably somewhere in Romania, maybe Maramures District (but that’s not really more than a wild guess)
(Dragon Quest IX) The Observatory: (Milky Way, obviously, but the photograph could’ve been taken anywhere and sadly I couldn’t find out where. My observational skills aren’t good enough)
(Dragon Quest VI) Ocean Waves: Madeira Island, Portugal
(Dragon Quest V) Sad Village~Mysterious Disappearances~Disturbed Village: Geroldsee, Bavaria
(Dragon Quest VII) Days of Sadness: (Sadly, I couldn’t find anything. That makes my day very sad)
(Dragon Quest V) Heaven: Madeira Island, Portugal
(Dragon Quest III) Requiem~Small Shrine: Warkworth Castle, England
(Dragon Quest IX) Hills and Meadows: (Couldn’t find anything, once again)
(Dragon Quest VIII) Travelling with Wagon: (Again, nothing)
(Dragon Quest VI) Melancholy: Maybe Vancouver Island, but really, it could be anywhere
(Dragon Quest III) Heavenly Flight: Maybe the Austrian Alps near Salzburg?
(Dragon Quest VIII) Strange World~Marching Through the Fields: Kaiserstuhl, Germany
(Dragon Quest VII) Memories of a Lost World: Loch Garry, Scotland
(Dragon Quest VIII) Peaceful Town~Quiet Village: Strasbourg, France
(Dragon Quest V) Make Me Feel Sad: (found nothing. This made me feel sad)
(Dragon Quest VIII) Over the Sorrow: Might be Himachal Pradesh, India; not sure though
(Dragon Quest VII) Over the Horizon: Stourhead, England
(Dragon Quest VI) Ocean Waves: (oh well. Could be anywhere)
(Dragon Quest II) Requiem: (Well, I didn’t really find anything, but I found someone who most likely made this photo and he currently lives in Richmond, VA; so it’s likely that those trees are somewhere in the USA. Yay)”